Monday, September 16, 2013

Chapter 22: Mission Briefing

Chapter 22:
Mission Briefing

Day:  E-Day+5
Time:  1900 CST / 0200 GMT
Broadcast Location:  CLASSIFIED
Received Location:  Bastion Combat Air Transport (CAT) Blue-7, somewhere over Lake Michigan

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Chapter 21: O'Dwyer, Mags

Chapter 21 
Trooper Mags "Spice" O'Dwyer

Day:  E-Day+5
Time:  1842 CST / 0042 GMT
Location:  WWIZ Station Headquarters, Milwaukee, WI

The office building was quiet, the sound of heavy boots the only noise to cut through the silence.  Maggie moved around another desk, scanning her field and she covering the team’s left flank as they crossed over the open work area.  Long shadows reached up and around the rows of cubicles to create long lines along the walls and forcing her to look twice with nearly each step.  Carefully she stepped over another skeletal corpse, the fourth they had seen.  She motioned quickly down once with her left hand before returning it to support her rifle.

They had found no survivors thus far.