Monday, February 25, 2013

Chapter 7: Beaubien, Marie

Chapter 7
Gunnery Sergeant Marianne Beaubien, USMC
Day:  E-Day +3
Time: 1330 hrs EST / 1830 hrs GMT
Location:  Bishop International Airport, Flint, MI

"Gunny!" Corporal Frias looked up at Marie as she came through the hatch connecting the main cargo area with the flight deck.  He was wrapped in a blanket, his big arms surrounding one of the survivors they had recovered the day before.  Frias smiled easily, his eyes bright with hope.  His companion glanced once towards Marie and then quickly turned deeper into the blankets, hiding her face from them.  She gave a shiver, perhaps to indicate some chill, that her movement was a necessity of the weather and not an effort to avoid looking at Marie.

Marie knew better and she was getting tired of it.

None of the survivors had said a single word to her since they took to the air, moments ahead of a cloud of death that swept over the airfield.  Not that there had been a lot of talking over the last twenty four hours.  But, she had been the one to decide, rather arbitrarily, who would and who would not be saved.  She had been the one to shoot the one man who had defied her and attempted to board the plane without her permission.  She had killed someone.

She had left a lot more to die.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter 5: Ryan, Max

Chapter 5
Max Ryan, Watcher

Day:  E-Day+3
Time:  1520 CST/ 2120 GMT

The Command Information Center was the nerve center of the entire Project Bastion facility.  In one location, the Director could see live feeds of every district in the North America.  Twenty six unique zones, each with their own data feeds were displayed on a dedicated monitor as were statistics and analysis of the facility.  Four monitors provided information on the flight deck, another half dozen on personnel, and eight to data from the project’s satellite network.

Max Ryan stood, clutching the rail, looking down at the dozens of workstations.  The workstation and offices of the project director commanded the best view of the space.  Max often thought that it was really so that everyone in the massive room would have to look up at the director whenever they turned to report to him.

“We’re not lighting the Lighthouses until we have met the qualifications for ‘Condition:  Omega’.  You know that, Ryan.”  Director Adams was right.  Max new the protocols inside and out.  He had spent a great deal of time writing the last revision himself.  Adams continued, his voice firm and strong as he came to stand next to Max and look out over the sea of data analysts and systems engineers.  “Until we have independent confirmation that there has been an extraterrestrial landing, we are ‘Condition:  Delta’.”

“Sir,” Ryan argued, gesturing up at the yellow display over the center of the main monitor bank.  “We have multiple sources confirming that the meteorites causing the dust clouds are of alien origin.”

Monday, February 4, 2013

Chapter 4: Waverly, Rick

Chapter 4
Rick Waverly

Day:  E-Day+1
Time:  0632 CST/ 1232 GMT
Location: WWIZ radio, Milwaukee WI

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