Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chapter 11: Winters, Angelica

Chapter 11:  
Angelica Winters
Day:  E-Day+3
Time:  1210 CST/ 1810 GMT
Location:  30201 Maple Tree Drive, Sugar Grove, Illinois

The space ship rocked with another explosion.  The woman in the pilot’s chair turned to shout at the last remaining crew member.  “Get in the escape pod, Jester.  Get in there, now!”

“No, Captain,” he shouted back as he held to the edge of the hatch to keep his balance.  “I’m the best pilot in the fleet.  I should be the one flying.”

“There’s no return flight on this one, Jester.”

“I know, Ma’am,” Jester answered, his eyes blinking as he argued.  “But there’s only one shot to put the Lexington into Grim Queen's Battleship.  You need the best to be sure it gets there and hits that reactor core.  Otherwise this suicide mission is just... suicide.”

The captain shook her head.  “That’s not good enough.  Ever since our mission on Thanos I’ve had a connection to the Queen.  It’s not enough to destroy her ship, I need to destroy her psychic core too.  I need to be there when her body is destroyed.”

“I can fly the ship in and you can jettison the pod just before impact.  You don’t have to die, Captain.”

The woman turned around in the seat to look back over her shoulder.  Her face was grim and resolute.  “Yes I do, Jester.”  

Their eyes locked for moments that felt like eternity.  Finally, Jester pulled himself up and saluted.  “It’s been a honor to serve under you, Captain Serra.”

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Poll: Which Minor Character?

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Chapter 9: Spencer, Bartholomew Albert

Chapter 9
Dr. Bartholomew Albert Spencer
Day:  E-Day+3
Time:  0710 EST/ 1250 GMT
Location:  Georgia State University, Institute of Public Health, Basement B

Al awoke to the sensation of falling, followed immediately by the jarring pain of the back of his head against a hard surface.  He looked up at the lower half of one of the Institute's full body bio-hazard suits.

"Excuse me?"  The tin voice projected from the suit's filtration system.  "You okay?"

It took Al a few moments to register what had just happened and why he was now lying on his back on the floor of what the wallsign identified as floor B in the Institute.  It started to come back to him in flashes: charging up the stairs at the sounds of the Biohazard Security Compromise alarm, banging on the door to be admitted to the floor, sitting down with Cara to wait, his back to the door, and falling asleep there.

Why had he wanted so desperately to go towards the BSC in the first place, and why had he been trying to break into it?


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Chapter 8 Transcript

Chapter 8: Beaubien, Marie

Chapter 8
Gunnery Sergeant Marianne Beaubien, USMC
Day:  E-Day -4
Time: 0800 hrs EST / 1300 hrs GMT

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Editor's note:  After consultation with technical advisers there have been some revisions to Chapter 7, most notably that GySgt Beaubien is not part of Lt Regal's recon mission.