Monday, February 18, 2013

Chapter 6 Transcript

Chapter 6 - Transcript
Emma Morgan, Personal Assistant to Mr. M Ryan

Day:  E-Day+3
Time:  1710 CST/ 2310 GMT

Mr. Ryan sent me home.  He says he wants me to steer clear of anything official until tomorrow.  So it’s five thirty and I’m here, at home, with just about nothing to do.  There’s supposed to be a Christmas Eve service later, but I probably won’t go.  Big confession:  I’m not religious.

Probably not a good idea to admit in my log that I lied on that interview question.

When this started they were clear that we had to keep daily logs.  Before they were a suggestion but Mr. Ryan made a comment this morning that I missed yesterday’s.  He said that these are confidential, that we’re supposed to be honest.  They just know if we keep them or not.

I don’t think Mr. Ryan would lie to me, not with everything else going on.

I was doing a lot better when this all started.  I mean, it’s all we’ve done up till now, isn’t it?  Prepare for the end of the world.  Only this isn’t another simulation, or another scenario.  There’s not going to be some big debrief where we all gather up for notes on our performance.  This is it.  People are really dying.

By the millions.

The first day wasn’t so bad.  I mean.  Mr. Ryan still needed his coffee, right?  And the printers needed paper, and the backups still had to be filed, and organized, and there was just so much to do I didn’t have time to think.  The second day, yeah I worked more but... today...

Marcy’s boss, Mr. Hummel-- Baltimore is in the area he’s monitoring.  He told her that it’s a total loss, that, there’s no one left there.  Or rather there may be people left but the odds of them getting out to a “light house” are zero now.

She thought she was helping me by telling me.

Mr. Ryan told me to go home after that, said I should take some time and that he’d manage without me.  I hate feeling like I let him down almost as much as I hate being alone right now.  I have work to do.  I need to have work to do.  It’s the only way I.. I know to .. to get through this.

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