Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chapter 8 Transcript

Chapter 8 - Transcript
Gunnery Sergeant Marianne Beaubien, USMC
Day:  E-Day -4
Time: 0800 hrs EST / 1300 hrs GMT

In French:
Hello Daddy! Hello Mommy! Hi René!

I am officially announcing that this year I will be home for Christmas. It is confirmed, Sunday I'll be on a plane home. I know, it will be a little last minute, but I will be home in time for Midnight Mass. Would it be possible to ask Mr. Lanthier if I can be in the choir? Thanks! Let me know.

I can't wait to see you all, can you believe it's been five years since I last spent Christmas at home? I can't believe it, it's gone by so fast.

In English:
And RenĂ©, I picked up a copy of the Avengers for us to watch together, in English, no subtitles.  That way you can get some practice with your big sister.

In French:
I can't wait to see you all. Kisses! I miss you so much.

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