Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chapter 14 Transcript

My first thoughts?   Espoir.  Hope.

When we heard the light house recording it was the first time we had received a message to tell us to go somewhere.  We'd been getting transmitions about the meteors from the beginning, but every one of those was nothing more than a "get out of here" message.  There was no direction, no focus, no orders.

Marines without orders are like cars without wheels.

But now we had something, we had a directive we could follow, and that gave us hope.


Truth is it didn't matter to me at all if it was pre-recorded or not.  At the time I was sure that someone had turned it on, and that meant there were other survivors.  The day before we thought we might be the last five people alive, then we met up with the 717, and now we were hearing from command.  Any thing was welcome, recorded or not.


No, no, the idea that it could be √©trangers was the farthest from my mind.  Why would anyone expect that?  Asking that is like asking if I had thought the apes had risen up and started to conquer the planet, or if there had been some polar shift and the entire planet was about to flash freeze.  Stories like that are fiction.

They *were* fiction.

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