Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chapter 18 Transcript

It’s 25 December 0200 and this is the personal log of Senior Trooper Steven Hanson, Code Name Colt.

And you know what?  Screw this personal log bull.  I’ve got nothing to say to you, Sir or Ma’am.  But I have a goddamn pile of things to say to one Captain Yousiff Naga, Code Name Khnum.

You’re a goddamn coward.

You got a girl killed today.  Some kid, out there on her own is probably going to die alone because your replacement-- the one they put in charge when you blew your brains out-- is too scared to break protocol than do what’s right.  So we followed orders, we stayed in regs, and we left that kid out there.

I find you, wherever you ended up, I’m going to-

Screw it.  We got bigger problems, man.  We got alien boots now.  Sure as anything those were ET’s we gunned down.  We should be at Level Omega.  But they’re not going to declare it until the scientists, and the doctors, and all the fancy people in lab coats take turns looking all smart about it.

Oh?  And you know your buddy on Team Able?  Gone.  Word is they were blown out of the sky on their first mission.  No one knows by what, but my gut is that it ain’t the Girl Scouts.

So yeah, Khnum, you chicken skinned bastard.  Thanks for nothing.

I’m done.

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